Empowering Christians To Care For Creation

Turning Conviction Into Action

What We Do

Theological debate about environmental stewardship is over. The dust has settled and the new Christian orthodoxy is that Christians have a biblical mandate to be stewards of God's creation. Today’s conundrum, therefore, isn’t deciding whether or not we should care for creation, but deciding how best to respond to our environmental challenges. Our goal at the Center for Environmental Leadership (CEL) is to stop Christian's wheels from spinning when it comes to practically caring for creation, and to get Christians--individuals and institutions--moving in the right direction with good, sound environmental guidance and support. (click the icon to learn more)

Sustainability / Food / Built Environment

The Center for Environmental Leadership (CEL) is focused on four broad issues--sustainability, food, the built environment, and educating tomorrow's leaders. We lead in each of these areas by convening outcome oriented gatherings, and building the support structures to make a strategic impact. (click the icon to learn more)

Educating Tomorrow's Leaders

The Center For Environmental Leadership (CEL) educates tomorrow's creation care leaders through two programs, the Creation Care Study Program (CCSP), a Christian undergraduate environmental studies program serving over thirty Christian colleges and universities with campuses in Belize and New Zealand, and Renewal, a creation care leadership program based on Christian colleges and universites. (click the icon to learn more)

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