Sustainability / Food / Built Environment

Three Of CEL's Core Issues

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 CEL is particulary interested in sustainable and clean energy, water, and air, including their ecological, socio-cultural, and economic linkages.  We are currently focusing on supporiting sustainability and creation care at Christian colleges and universities.  Sustainable food systems has it’s own individual focus as described below.  Click the icon above to learn more.

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Food was the first gift God gave us!  This beautiful icon reminds us that food is not only a gift from God, but we need to protect the health and integrity of the food systems we depend on to live.  CEL gladly rises to this challenge.  Click the icon above to learn more.

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How we design and build the places we live–cities, towns, villages, suburbs, streets and homes–are critical not only to human community and well being, but the impact we have on creation.   While often neglected in Christian circles, CEL will help catalyze Christian involvement in designing and building healthy and livable places.  Click the icon above to learn more.