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Announcing the Newest ZipCode Calling Event-Riverside, CA

UPDATE: ZipCode Calling has a new name. It is now called Project for Placemaking.

We’re delighted to announce that Riverside, CA just added a ZipCode Calling event!  Save the date of Sept. 6th.  More details to follow.

Creation Care Covenant

The Creation Care Covenant is a collaborative project between the Center for Environmental Leadership (CEL) and the Association of Christian Sustainability Professionals (ACSP).  The covenant serves both as a call for Christian colleges and universities to biblically care for creation, as well as a tool to help presidents and the institutions they lead to fulfill their pledge.  This is accomplished by providing a starting place for presidents of Christian institutions to express their commitment to creation care by signing the covenant.  The CEL and ACSP are committed to encourage and support the signers of the covenant as each institution works at its own pace, and in its own way, to live out their commitment with joy and integrity.

To read the Creation Care Covenant and learn more about this intiative go to this link.

Association of Christian Sustainability Professionals (ACSP)

In late 2011 CEL convened the first intentional gathering of sustainability professionals from Christian colleges and universities.  At this two-day symposium representatives from eight different institutions unanimously agreed to form a professional association to address the unique challenges and opportunities of faith-based sustainability.  The Association of Christian Sustainability Professionals (ACSP) was born out of this conversation as a serivce program of the Center for Environmental Leadership.

ACSP is a network of Christian leaders advancing sustainability.  With a primary focus on higher education, ACSP aims to enhance the work of Christian sustainability leaders.  This is accomplished through professional networking, educational training opportunities, and strategic collaboration and organization around Christian sustainability issues.

What distinguishes ACSP from other excellent associations is our focus on the interactions between faith and sustainability.  This distinctive approach presents both difficult challenges as well as unparalleled opportunities.  ACSP endeavors to equip Christian professionals to make the most of their roles as sustainability leaders by addressing this unique dynamic.

ACSP membership is intended for anyone serving, or seeking to serve, in a leadership capacity with a particular emphasis on Christian sustainability.  While most ACSP members are professionals working in the field, anyone involved in faith-based sustainability leadership (on any level) is encouraged to join.  Likewise, although ACSP focuses primarily on the field of higher education, membership is not limited to the education sector, and all sustainability leaders stand to profit from becoming members.

Becoming a member in ACSP is easy, affordable, and comes with the following benefits:

–  A voice and organizing structure to advance matters concerning the profession.
–  A faith-based community providing support and encouragement for individuals working in the sustainability field.
–  A venue for professional networking.
–  An organization creating professional sustainability standards, policies, and qualifications for member Christian institutions.
–  A training provider for members, or those wanting to move into the profession.
–  A collaborative organization working with the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), and other likeminded Christian institutions and consortiums of higher learning on sustainability matters.

There are three different membership levels:

–  Student member: $25
–  Individual member: $50
–  Organizational member: $100

Click this link to learn more about the Association of Christian Sustainability Professionals.