Christian College Presidents' Covenant to Care For Creation

Practical Support Provided by CEL and CEL and the Association For Christian Sustainability Professionals

Creation Care Covenant CEL Boxed-Gallery

T he Creation Care Covenant is a collaborative project between CEL and the Association of Christian Sustainability Professionals (ACSP).  The covenant serves both as a call for Christian colleges and universities to biblically care for creation, as well as a tool to help presidents and the institutions they lead to fulfill their pledge.  This is accomplished by providing a starting place for presidents of Christian institutions to express their commitment to creation care by signing the covenant.  The CEL and ACSP are committed to encourage and support the signers of the covenant as each institution works at its own pace, and in its own way, to live out their commitment with joy and integrity.

To read the Creation Care Covenant and learn more about this intiative go to this link.