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God designed people to live in community and to inhabit places that nourish us physically, socially, culturally, and spiritually.  In other words, people and places go together!

Although Christian pastors and leaders are well trained to care for the spiritual, personal, and community aspects of people’s lives, the average Christian leader has both a blind spot and an empty toolkit when it comes to assessing and interacting with the built environment.  Few leaders, therefore, understand how neighborhoods, villages, towns, and cities—the places we create and inhabit–can be thoughtfully designed to contribute positively to human community and wellbeing (or not).  Or to flip that around, most Christian pastors and leaders miss out on the joy and privilege of participating in the planning, design, and building of livable neighborhoods, downtowns, or cities that help nourish individuals and communities for generations (including the opportunity churches have to contribute to the built environment through their own building projects).

Project for Placemaking is a one-day event for Christian pastors and leaders that will help rectify this blind spot, or as Rich Sterns describes it, fill in a “hole in our gospel.”  Project for Placemaking  will not only help attendees to discover the principles of great placemaking, it will also provide them with tools to help design and build great places, or redesign, retrofit, and redeem hurting places in your community.


DETROIT, MI: June  8, 2016



PAST EVENTS (2013-2015) :

 DALLAS, TX: April 29, 2015 • TWIN CITIES, MN: May 3, 2014 • BUFFALO, NY, June 4, 2014 • RIVERSIDE, CA, SEPT. 6, 2014 SALT LAKE CITY, UT May 29, 2013