UN-Habitat Faith-Based Conference

Caucus members are invited to attend two seminal back-to-back events, the UN-Habitat Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Campus and Urban Shalom Forum, from Nov. 10-15, 2017 in Singapore.

A remarkable feature of contemporary thinking in urban development is that faith-based communities and organizations are now seen as a vital component in helping create sustainable and resilient cities around the world. Recognition by the United Nations, civil society organizations, and development agencies that faith-based communities are central to the wellbeing of communities in our increasingly urban cultures is long overdue, and offers many new possibilities. While the Christian church has a long history of sustaining communities in cities, this is the first time (at least we are aware of) that an official body such as UN-Habitat has asked faith communities for their insights and perspectives on cities, and extended a hand of goodwill to help contribute to the common good of peacemaking.

These are groundbreaking events that will build the basis for ongoing work by faith-based organizations with UN-Habitat, other inter-governmental organizations, and NGO’s that focus on cities.  But much more importantly, these events may be a watershed moment for the Church’s engagement with cities and urban mission.

These events are being planned by a team of people including caucus member, Dr. Chris Elisara, under the auspices of the World Evangelical Alliance Creation Care Task Force and the Urban Shalom Project.  One content sector at both these events, therefore, is focused on urban design lead by a team of caucus members. If you are interested in attending, and/or being involved in the leadership team for the urban design sector please go to this link. We’d love to see a strong contingent from the caucus attend these events!